January 14, 2020

Association & Partnership Model

In the Association/Partnership agreement:
Impact West London will build a geographically based project, which uses the time, skills and resources of corporate partners and their employee volunteers to improve employment or regeneration outcomes for local residents as well as strengthen organisations. The project objectives will be;

  • Build the employability and life skills of local residents with employability training in collaboration with the corporates and local authorities
  • Build the capacity of local community organisations

Impact West London Duties in the Association/Partnership:

  • Responsible for day-to-day development and delivery of the project.
  • Collaborate closely with corporate manager to develop a range of employability workshop and other events for residents, organise and facilitate sessions and monitor impact.
  • Generate range of employee volunteering opportunities focused on supporting capacity building for corporate team and local charities.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with West London partners’ Corporate Responsibility teams by organising regular meetings and responding promptly to company requests.
  • Develop and promote a range of employee volunteering opportunities to corporate partners and manage delivery of volunteer requests.
  • Organise delivery of project steering group meetings including preparation of supporting documents and minute taking.
  • Achieve good delivery targets of employee volunteers engaged and beneficiaries supported.
  • Maintain strong impact reporting for project and long term tracking.

Impact West London Main objectives during Association/Partnership:

  • Build effective working relationships with Impact West London Association/Partnership organisations to understand their business and functions, culture and priorities, generate opportunities suitable for their employees, manage expectations and deliver on activities in support of programme and project goals and objectives.
  • Identify and build relationships with a range of community stakeholders, including charities, community groups, social enterprises, education institutions, faith groups etc.
  • Assess organisational needs and develop creative corporate volunteering opportunities to meet the needs and build the capacity of community stakeholders.
  • Source, place and manage cohorts of corporate volunteers in line with business plan and project targets.
  • Develop relationships and effective partnerships with key stakeholders in the community including the local authority, NHS and community infrastructure support organisations to maximise the impact of Impact West London’s work.
  • Identify a range of corporate volunteering opportunities that can facilitate large-scale participations and/or collaboration for Impact West London corporate partners.
  • Proactively market corporate volunteering programmes to Impact West London corporate partners.
  • Generate regular communication items such as articles, case studies and maximise use of social media platforms.
  • Work with the Community team to ensure programme materials are kept up to date.
  • Develop effective working relationships with CSR teams across Impact West London corporate partners, ensuring that companies are supported to develop employee volunteering and other initiatives that meet their targets, priorities and strategies.
  • Implement effective evaluation and impact measurement tools in line with Impact West London corporate partner requirements, ensuring that evaluation informs best practise to ensure continuous improvement.

General Agreements in the Association/Partnership:

  • Develop a broad knowledge of regeneration programmes and local authority priorities in West London and specific geographical area.
  • Support the wider Community and Education team with planning and delivery of key events.
  • Use Impact West London internal systems to maintain records and report progress, including due diligence and volunteer recording via CRM within set timescales.
  • Ensure that effective project management systems for monitoring and evaluation are in place and keep detailed records.
  • Complete monthly, quarterly and annual reports as required.
  • Proactively generate case studies, news articles, photos and social media content to promote the work of NLET in line with NLET communication targets and protocols.
  • Adhere to and implement policies, including equal opportunities and health and safety.
  • Undertake any other reasonable objectives requested by Associations/Partners.

Project Specific Association/Partnership Package:
The Project will focus on supporting the Corporate Partner and their wider employment and skills and regeneration impact for a specific need or cause aligned with their CSR Objective.

Impact West London will deliver a range of employee volunteering initiatives, which build the capacity of third sector organisations in West London, by utilising the professional business skills of volunteers. The Impact West London Team has key areas of activity; Building a Programme, creating coaching relationships via Leaders In Partnership, delivering a range of consultancy and capacity building pieces and facilitating a range of workshops which support West Londoners to develop key employment/education skills.

The Account Manager will be responsible for supporting a corporate organisation to deliver exciting, innovative projects across, which meet both the needs of the West London community and the expectations of corporate partners.

  • To engage corporate partners and generate job opportunities
  • To create training materials to deliver employability workshops and programmes of activities within the project.
  • To liaise with CSR departments in Association/Partner companies in order to recruit and brief employee volunteers to deliver some of the above employability activities.
  • To deliver some employability activities in lieu of employee volunteers.
  • To be based at Association/Partner company sites up to 2 days per week to access internal vacancies
  • To collaborate with Impact West London partner organisations to identify and train local residents looking for work.
  • To train staff in local partner organisations who work with job seekers, building their capacity.
  • To contribute to Impact West London proposals and bids for future employability/regeneration projects.
  • To capture KPI information and record outcomes and feedback across project.
  • To provide regular reports to internal and external stakeholders, identifying areas for development and recommending innovative solutions.
  • To represent the Employment & Skills sector at a Practitioners’ Forum, working with representatives from other teams on shared objectives and plans to align Impact West London work.
  • To undertake any other appropriate responsibilities as required by Impact West London.