January 14, 2020


Engaging young people with the world of work and providing them with opportunities to meet professionals can have significant results in improving their life chances. We do this with three key programmes:

Schools and Colleges: The Business Education for Schools (BES) programme currently operates in schools and colleges across West London. We bring together professionals from City and West London companies to develop the employability skills of students.

Higher Education: Working alongside university careers teams, we support students providing them with a range of opportunities to connect with professionals in the City and West London. This valuable work includes mock interviews, business mentoring and CV/LinkedIn reviews.

Mentoring: This programme matches students, in Year 10 and Sixth Form, to volunteer business mentors working in the City of London. Young people travel to their mentor’s office, where they work together to develop the knowledge and skills needed for their future education, training or careers, over a nine month programme.